sich sammeln, 2015.

Glass bottle with 0.5l guttation drops of the plant Alchemilla.
Video, 2:43 min, loop

Relicts of a Performance of several week’s duration in the Unterengadin.


Extract from the opening speech of Patrizia Keller:

…her work „sich sammeln“ (collect oneself), which is shown in Zofingen for the first time, was developed in NAIRS in Unterengadin during her artist residence. There she dealt with the plant Alchemilla, which she discovered in accumulated occurrence on an alp at 2500 meters height. During several weeks she collected the drops that gathered on the edges of the leaves with a pipet in the early morning. The plant is regulating its water supply through the rejected water from the guttation during the morning hour. The collected water was filtered and the overflow excluded by the artist. Anna-Sabina Zürrers interest for the natural filtrate bases in todays continuously growing flood of information. At this point the capability of filtering and the decision over selection or exclusion gains in importance.


sich sammeln 01

sich sammeln 02


sich sammeln 03

sich sammeln 03

sich sammeln 05

Photo 1: Nici Jost, Kunsthaus Zofingen 2015